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We need a few details in order to assess your fit with our Investment Thesis. We recommend you review our Investment Thesis below. It takes 5 minutes or less to complete.

Anchor Thesis


We’re based in the UK and only invest in UK companies.


We only invest in either:

  • Physical Products

  • Physical Processes

  • Physical Sciences

If you do not fit clearly in one or more of these (e.g. digital) then we are not going to invest.

Our focus is Pre-seed with occasional Seed rounds. We have found a “good rule of thumb” for gauging this is, if you have previously raised over £1m then you are too late for us, and we have missed out.


We invest between £50k - £150k and typically make 3-5 investments/year.

We have an intentionally high-conviction, low-volume approach to pre-seed investing

Lead or Co-invest?
Our strong preference is to co-invest alongside other investors.

That’s it! We want to respect your time as we know how busy you are. So, if you don’t clearly fit with our Investment Thesis then we wish you well on your fundraising and broader journey…

Your Pera Ventures Application



Please Note: We’re based in the UK and only invest in UK companies.

Please Note: We only invest in pre-seed and seed rounds.

All you need to do now is click submit when you're ready!
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